Week of Dec. 21st Technical Update

In the past week, the development team was able to accomplish the following:

  1. Finalize the front-end development of the donation feature.
  2. Successfully publish the v2-core smart contracts on Ropsten.
  3. Make further improvements to the seaswap-sdk and publish version 1.0.5
  4. Update the v2-preiphery npm package and publish version 1.1.2

For this week, the team will focus on the following tasks and challenges in preparation for the beta release on Ropsten network:

  1. Resolve an error that is related to the gas estimation function hat causes some operations to fail.
  2. Update the application to point to the newly published smart contracts and npm artifacts.
  3. Deploy the updated application to seaswap.exchange to make it available for the community testing.
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