Week of Dec. 14th Technical Update

The development team of SeaSwap focus this is:

  1. Publish the seaswap v2-core smart contracts on Ropsten network in order to facilitate the coming beta testing activities that is expected to be carried out by the SeaSwap community.
  2. Publish the v2-core artifacts as a npm package in order to be utilized by the SeaSwap SDK.
  3. Publish seaswap-sdk Version 1.0.4 where this release will contain all the changes needed to dynamically route all requests through the Ropsten network.
  4. Create and fund a FISH-ETH pool to be utilized by the community during the beta testing period.
  5. Finalize the donation feature where the SeaSwap community can donate funds directly to approved and verified environmental organizations through the SeaSwap platform.