Testing SeaSwap Exchange

Hello guys,

Here’s the main post for testers who want to participate.

What To Test?

Basic Features:

  • Swapping: Test swapping on main pools, track errors and bugs.
  • Send: Test sending tokens using exchange interface.
    Sending test should be on both simple send and (swap & send option).
  • Pool: testing add liquidity and create new liquidity pool.

Advanced Features

  • Fixed Swapping Pools.
  • Whitelist pools.
  • Donation pools.

Who would be able for to Testing Program?

  • Be sure you have MetaMask wallet loaded with small amount of real money (mainly ETH & USDT).
  • Aware of Ethereum transactions tracking using etherscan.io.
  • Good understanding of pools & liquidity.
  • Submit here your request (let’s make it simple no forms required).
  • We will contact you directly here using Direct Messages.

How to start testing?

  • Obtain some test Ether from a Ropsten Faucet (here, here or here) to be able to start testing.
  • Make sure that you select the Ropsten TestNetwork on MetaMask.
  • Now you are all set to start testing the SeaSwap platform.

What is the Benefits?

  • As long as you are a regular tester, you will grantee a monthly $FISH token.
  • You will be promoted to a closed group to (test/discuss/vote) the early deployed features.
  • You will get more advantages for our activities.

This post will be updated regularly :heart_eyes:

Useful Links:


Amazing! :fire::rocket:

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So excited, thanks for this opportunity Sea Swap.

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I’d love to be a beta tester

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Excelente :clap::clap::clap:

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Can’t wait to try it

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Update will be posted this week :rocket:

Article about how to prepare for test updated on our knowledge base:

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I want to participate in the test, how is the process

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Hola buenas cómo están quiero entra a participar en las pruebas de exchange

Check the article above, if you still have a problem just post it here :ok_hand:

hola, solo lea el artículo anterior, si tiene alguna pregunta, publíquela aquí.

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ya lo hice y añadi el token en la red pero no se como depositar en la cuenta

ponga la dirección de su billetera aquí, le enviaré algunos tokens FISH de prueba



hello I want to enter the exchage test

Aquí hay 1000 token
Nota: es un token de prueba y no puede venderlo por dinero.
pero los probadores ganarán token FISH real más adelante.

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The first post on this topic has all details, if something not clear please ask it here, I will help you :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes, I saw everything, I already added the network. but I have no balance.

here’s how:

I created that topic just for dropping some test tokens to testers :kissing_heart:

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